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Teixeira Pounds Cruz at Fight Club

Teixeira Pounds Cruz at Fight Club

July 20, 2011

Teixeira Pounds”Pe de Pano”; “Pe de Chumbo” Sneaks by Shirai

Glover Teixeira showed again why he is the best light heavyweight fighter not signed by a major promotion by completely dominating an out-of-shape, 256-pound Marcio Cruz in the evening´s co-main event.

Teixeira, competing as a 234-pound heavyweight, stuffed takedown attempt after takedown attempt on his way to a technical knockout win in the second frame. From the opening bell it was clear that the 2003 ADCC champion wanted no part with Teixeira´s striking game. He had absolutely no success bringing the fight to the ground during the first round and had to be stood up by referee Artur Mariano on several occasions.

In the second round, the confident Teixeira showed less respect for Cruz’s vaunted submission game and end up on top after another takedown attempt. He took his time to pass “Pe de Pano’s” guard and then unloaded a flurry of punches before Mariano saved Cruz from the onslaught at 4:21 of the second frame.

“I am also a black belt in jiu-jitsu. I finished fourth at ADCC. However, that´s his area and I had to respect him on the ground,” said a happy Teixeira after his 11th straight win.

On his future, the Rio de Janeiro-based fighter said, “Thank God I was able to get the win and hopefully I´ll finally be able to move on and fight outside Brazil in the near future.”

The 31-year-old Teixeira, now 13-2, is in the process of awaiting a green card. Married to an American citizen, Teixeira hasn’t fought in North America since March 2008.

Late replacement “Pe de Chumbo” Delson Heleno took a majority decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-29) over DEEP welterweight champion Yuya Shirai in a slow catchweight contest at 176 pounds.

After getting an early takedown in the first round and advancing to take Shirai´s back, Heleno had to endure a late comeback by the Japanese fighter, who not only managed to free himself from Heleno´s back mount but also got a knockdown and landed some heavy shots from the top at the end of the round.

The second round saw less action from both fighters, but it still had its moments, with Shirai working his ground-and-pound from the top but facing real danger late in the round when Heleno got his arm and started to position his hips for an armbar, which he managed to escape. However, the pace came to a halt in the third, as neither man effected much offense.

Heleno’s decision victory is his ninth straight win, moving to 22-5. “It was tough fight. I was a late replacement for Murilo Bustamante and had to fight above my natural weight class,” said Heleno. “Thank God it all worked out fine for me.”

Nova Uniao standout Ronys Torres absolutely ran over skilled striker Eduardo Pachu in a lightweight contest, dominating from bell to bell.

The early left hook followed by a powerful slam set the tone in what was a brilliant showing by Torres. Displaying a full array of grappling moves, Torres went from one position to another, threatening with a rear-naked choke before finally tapping Pachu with a straight armbar from half guard at 2:58 in the opening frame.

“[The UFC] said I had to finish four opponents to get back. This is my fifth straight finish, all of them in the first round.” said Torres after the victory.

Also in the lightweight division, “Toninho Furia” Gleristone Santos and late replacementAlexandre “Chambinho” Guerra waged an entertaining 10-minutes battle.

The scrappy Guerra, who stood in for Gordo Jiu-Jitsu product Diego Braga, didn’t back down against one of Brazilian Top Team’s brightest prospects. Both rounds saw Santos using his superior takedowns to get the fight to the ground, whilr hurting Guerra on the feet with impressive kicks. Guerra answered with strong boxing, targeting the northeastern Brazilian’s body.

However, at the end of two rounds, the Espirito Santo-based “Chambinho” limped back to his corner on a ginger right leg, and retired on his stool, giving Santos his seventh straight victory.

After giving up an early takedown, bantamweight Eduardo “Kiko” Felipe seized opportunity and choked Junior Oliveira in the second round.

After standing back up, “Kiko” imposed his superior striking game, landing hard punches and putting Oliveira on the run on a couple of occasions. Midway through the second frame, Felipe locked up a quick guillotine off of an attempted Oliveira takedown, forcing the tap at 2:55 of the round.

Marcio “Pe de Pano” Cruz vs Glover Teixeira
Round 1
Cruz immediately goes for a takedown but is stuffed by Teixeira. He lands a few punches an lets Cruz get back up. Cruz goes for another takedown but misses again. Another takedown attempt and now Glover is in Cruz’s half guard. Teixeira lands some good punches and elbows, but lets “Pe de Pano” stand up. Cruz goes for another takedown and eats another right. Teixeira easily stuffing Cruz’s takedown attempts now, as the bout becomes increasingly one-sided. The fighters go to the fence as Cruz goes for a double-leg. Teixeira ends taking up Cruz’ back but Pe de Pano rolls and ends up in full guard. Teixeira retreats and lets Cruz back up. Cruz has absolutely nothing for Teixeira, who continues to bat him around with punches while breezing through his takedowns. Cruz goes for another double-leg takedown and ends up on his back, inviting Teixiera into his guard. Referee Artur Mariano tells him to get up and the round ends with Teixeira pursuing Cruz around the cage, swiping with punches. An easy 10-9 Teixeira round on the scorecard.

Round 2
The second round starts just how the first ended, with Cruz being stood up from his back after trying to take Teixeira down and failing. Another single-leg attempt by Cruz fails as Glover stuffs it again. Artur Mariano restarts the fight once more. “Pe de Pano” is gassed, desperately shooting takedown attempts one after the other. Teixeira lands a big left and Cruz moves to his legs. Teixeira follows him to the ground this time around and moves to half guard. He lands a good hammerfist before standing back up. Cruz tries to take the fight to ground and again Teixeira ends up on top. He passes Cruz’s guard and starts to unload. As he lands leather, Teixeira quickly moves to mount. Cruz turns to his side and simply covers up, forcing Artur Mariano to save the helpless fighter from unnecessary punishment at 4:21 of the second round.

Source: Sherdog