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Gracie: “Technically, I’m much better” than Kennedy

Gracie: “Technically, I’m much better” than Kennedy

July 30, 2012

Photo by Esther Lin

Roger Gracie is the best grappler to ever move from Jiu-Jitsu to MMA, but Tim Kennedy seems to disagree.

In his Twitter, the two-time Strikeforce middleweight contender called out the Brazilian, willing to prove that he has a better ground game. The Gracie, who won 10 world titles in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (three at openweight class) and two ADCC championships, is confident on his skills.

“He can say whatever he wants. He can be good on the ground, but technically I’m much better. In a Jiu-Jitsu match, he probably wouldn’t have a chance against me,” Roger told TATAME about the challenge.

“In a MMA fight, we can’t say. In my last fight, my opponent (Keith Jardine) was far away from being a black belt and I couldn’t submit him”.

Roger, who defeated Jardine in his middleweight debut, is open to fight anyone next, including Kennedy.

“I guess it can be an interesting fight. Anyone in Strikeforce would do an interesting fight with me”.

Source: Tatame

Photo Esther Lin