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Red carpet premiere of Anderson Silva’s movie in Rio

Red carpet premiere of Anderson Silva’s movie in Rio

October 15, 2011

Middleweight champion of UFC, Anderson Silva stated once he doesn’t see himself as a pop star. But it wasn’t what we saw this Wednesday (12th), when the documentary “Like Water” debuted at Cine Odeon, in Rio de Janeiro.

On the holiday of the Brazilian patroness, Anderson showed up with his five kids (Kaory, Gabriel, Kalyl, Kauana and Joao Vitor) and his wife Dayane, with whom he’s been spending his life since the age of 17, and he talked to many reporters and photographers from many media outlets, who fight each other in front of Odeon to get a picture or an interview with the biggest fighter of all times.

Always willing to help, the fighter talked to everybody with a big smile on his face, and then was called in the stage to get side by side with the director of the film, Pablo Croce, and was applauded by the fans there. Rickson Gracie, Rodrigo Nogueira, Erick Silva, Rogerio Camoes and the actor Antonio Pitanga were just some of the celebrities who blend into as “anonymous” people on the crowd. On the stage before the session started, Anderson talked quickly about the film.

“The film shows how Brazilian people do never give up. I guess you’ll all see parts of yourselves in there. It’s about honor and loyalty. I’m glad to help raising new heroes in the country”, said Anderson, who then returned to his sit to watch the movie with his friends, family and fans.

The documentary shows the champions preparation for his title defense against the American Chael Sonnen and starts exhibiting the controversy performance of Anderson against Demian Maia, at UFC 112, which happened in Abu Dhabi. The film talks about after that, and shows Anderson being threatened by Dana White in case he fought that way again, and it also shows his capacity of overcoming life obstacles, even when under pressure and with a severe injury on his ribs, winning in life and getting beautiful wins in MMA, in Nogueira style. The film also shows the human side of the champion, his problems with UFC, his relationship with his manager Ed Soares, with his family and training partners.

With a consistent narrative, the film brought the crowd into tears, and then being applauded and chanted at by different people, showing the sport is getting more popular here and also the champion, who even without wanting it, has became a pop star. For those who couldn’t be there to watch “Like Water”, a movie that got the Tribeca’s Festival award, in New York, there’s still time.

Source: Tatame