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Ramos shoots: ‘Matt Riddle, I’ll hunt you down’

Ramos shoots: ‘Matt Riddle, I’ll hunt you down’

May 8, 2012

South American Shooto champion, Luis “Beicao” Ramos returned the belt to the company last Friday. But there was no reason for him to be upset, since he’s done it after being hired by UFC and his contract demands exclusivity.


The Nova Uniao fighter, who was knocked out on his UFC debut, at UFC Rio, last August, will have another chance against Matt Riddle at UFC on FX 4, on June 22nd, on the United States.


“It is on. He’s a good wrestler and will want to strike. I’m hunger and I’m going for it. I’m training with full support at Nova Uniao. The guys have been really helpful and I can only thank them and I’m sure you’ll see a fight never seen before. Matt Riddle, I’ll hunt you down”, promised Ramos, who said there’s no rivalry in stake.


“There’s no rivalry, but I’m hungry and seeing a plate of food, so I wanna dig in. That’s what I want: go for it and prove why Ultimate hired me. I’m going for the win”.


The fight between Luis Ramos and Matt Riddle was slated for UFC 140, last December. However, moments before entering the octagon, the American claimed to be sick and with no conditions to fight, so it was canceled.

Source: Tatame