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Minotouro on Tito Ortiz, talks Lyoto Machida vs. Jon Jones

Minotouro on Tito Ortiz, talks Lyoto Machida vs. Jon Jones

October 11, 2011

Rogerio Nogueira needs a win on his return to UFC, on December, against the former champion Tito Ortiz, after two consecutive losses. As an incentive, the guy who fights out of Bahia will have his twin brother, Rodrigo Nogueira, on the same card, against Frank Mir. Training hard for 140, Rogerio talked to TATAME TV an analyzed the trainings, the bout against Ortiz, commented on the rematch between his brother and Mir and also talked about the duel between Jon Jones and Lyoto Machida, comparing the styles of Jones and Anderson Silva. Check it:

How are the trainings for Tito Ortiz at UFC 140?

The trainings are great, I’m a lot confident. I guess this night will bring us a big day and a knockout. I’ll try to put on a good fight because I didn’t do my best last time I fought, but this time I’ll be much better trained. I know all about the game Tito Ortiz plays, I was supposed to fight him before, so I’ve been studying his game for almost a year now.

Exactly. You were supposed to fight him, but then it changed. You already studied his game, so now is it just train for him?

Yeah, it really changed. After I was supposed to fight Tito I went to fight Phil Davis, so it changed a little, then came Rich Franklin and other guys, but I kept looking at Tito Ortiz’s fights because I knew he was a possible opponent to get on the line. He’s experienced, he has being fighting in high level for a while and he’s strong. But, honestly, I guess I’m better than him both on stand-up and on the floor. At Boxing I believe I know best how to measure the distance, ‘im a little more aggressive and I have more punch power at striking.

He wasn’t doing great, but then submitted Ryan Bader on the first round, but loss to Rashad Evans next. How do you see his phase I UFC?

Well, it happens. I guess it’s normal in this weight division and fighting in such a high level. He’s been doing a good campaign, he has great guillotine chokes. He got that win by chance, because he punched Bader and it caught him, he fell and then he went for it. He’s a great champion, so he knows how to finish a fight. If he has a chances, he’ll do it. That’s what a champion does. That’s what happened on that bout of Gray Maynard, that he couldn’t finish the fight, and when Frankie Edgan could see the KO coming, he went for it and finished him. That’s a characteristic of an experience fighter, who knows how to do it. But, when Tito fought Rashad Evans, Rashad proved he was prepared, because he was supposed to fight for the title for a while now, so he proved he’s much sharpen than him. So, when he made a mistake, Rashad finished the fight.

You’re not getting lucky on the match-ups, because you were supposed to fight Forrest Griffin and Rich Franklin, two strikers, who then got injured, forcing the organization to replace them and you end up fighting many wrestlers in a row. Now you’re fighting another wrestler, Tito Ortiz. How do you see it?

Yeah, they are really matching me up against wrestlers, and that’s a good thing, it ain’t a bad thing because I’ve been improving my takedown defenses and I guess you can tell I’m getting better, because it’s been harder on guys to put me against the fence. In UFC we used to fight on the center of the cage, but it ain’t no excuses. The level is really high now and I’m getting better and better to figure among the tops.

You brother’s fighting on the same night against Frank Mir. What are your expectations for this rematch of his?

Rodrigo is a lot motivates, he’s coming from a great win. Frank Mir is much experienced, he’s a lefty, he’s a lot heavy. He’s coming from great wins by submission and KO, like when he fought Cro Cop. But Rodrigo on a Row after this win and coming for it, after spending much time without fighting, I believe he’ll prove why he’s considered to be one of the best fighter of all times. I believe Rodrigo is better both on stand-up and ground game than Mir.

What lessons did you learn from their first bout?

I guess Rodrigo was a little desperate, he went for it, trying to finish the fight quickly on the first round. He was supposed to scratch a little more, find the right distance to punch him, not try to define it on the beginning. I believe he’s better than Mir technically. Frank was an opportunist. When he punched, he defended and counterattacked and defined the fight. So, that’s the lesson. If Mir punches he, Rodrigo gotta take his time and not try to go for it desperately. Rodrigo will be ready for it now.

Jon Jones, the champion of your division, will fight on the same night you will against Lyoto. What do you think about this match-up?

It was really quick, right? Jon Jones just defended his title and will do it again now, so it proves he’s on a row and he liked fighting (laughs). For Lyoto is a great chance. There’s no one better than Lyoto to fight him. He’s coming from a great KO. He has lost his belt, but he kept fighting with the tops, so I guess he’s a good challenger for Jon Jones. He know how to use the distance in his favor, it’ll be a different game for Jon Jones. Let’s get him tested. It’ll be a great fight and I’m guessing it’ll be a huge fight.

Many people compare Jon Jones with Anderson Silva. What do you think about that?

I guess he likes playing like Anderson. He likes doing like the bests. Anderson is the best, so he’s trying to do something similar. I guess he’s always trying to bring something new, like Anderson does, so you never know what he’s up to, a kick or a punch… he’s being great. Since he’s already done many different things I guess he was easier to predict on this last bout he did. I believe Anderson is more creative than him.

Send a message to the fans who’ll root for you, Rodrigo and Lyoto in UFC…

On December 10th there’ll be three Brazilians fighting in UFC, at UFC 140. Me, my brother and Lyoto Machida, who’s fighting for the light heavyweight title. So I’m asking you to cheer for Brazil, because I believe we’ll bring three beautiful wins back home.

Source: Tatame