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Lyoto confident against Jones: “Nobody is invincible”

Lyoto confident against Jones: “Nobody is invincible”

October 7, 2011

Eight months after knocking out Randy Couture, the Karate fighter Lyoto Machida will return to Ultimate’s cage on a title fight against the tough Jon Jones, and talked about the duel on an exclusive interview given to TATAME. “Jon Jones is much versatile and knows a lot of techniques, but we play a similar game. Stamina and game plan are things that could define this bout’s outcome. Nobody is invincible”, shoot the former champion, who revealed to be surprised by the invitation, analyzing also his opponent’s game and his recently victories over Rampage and Shogun. Check it:

How did you hear you’d be having a title shot against Jon Jones?

I was at a birthday party last night and I heard I’d be fighting Jon Jones. I accepted immediately, I couldn’t announce it at the time, though. Ed and Joinha told me to hold the information and it was complicated, I had to stop talking at all (laughs). In the morning I want to give a class and, when I came back, the contract was there for me to sign it. It was a reason for me to be happy, because that’s why we enter these battles for.

You’ve spent a long time off waiting for you bout to come…

I don’t upset because I’m not fighting, but I wanted to know when I would so I could do other tasks, because I’m a real pro. I try not to make room for any mistakes. I can lose to anyone, but I can’t lose to myself. I demand a prediction of when I’m fighting so I can prepare myself the best possible way, I want to be at my best when I’m fighting.

This title shot went against the rumor about UFC getting upset when you asked for a “Anderson Silva money” so you’d accept fighting Rashad at the last minute, right?

Yeah… What was going on was that I didn’t have an opponent set, a momentum thing. I’ve always known the positive side of it, I looked for the right road to follow, always doing it right. I didn’t injury anybody, I didn’t steal from anybody, so I don’t have to be worried about it. I’ll do my job and keep training. My life ain’t about money and fame, it’s always been training, since I was an amateur. I’ve always waited for this moment to come to me again.

What are your expectations while coming into this bout against Jon Jones, who has been evolving a lot?

It’ll be a strategic bout, he’s a guy who studies his opponents and so do I. Our team is a lot focused and anything can happen.

Many fans always said, and you once said yourself, you saw your game as a good match-up to Jon Jones’. What would you do against him?

It’s hard, he’s is much versatile and knows a lot of techniques, but we play a similar game. He kicks, I kick, he punches and goes to the ground, I can defend myself and take him down too. Stamina and game plan are things that could define this bout’s outcome. Nobody is invincible. We’re training for the best, looking for enlarging our body and mind and that’s what I’m gonna do.

What lessons did you learn from his three bouts this year, submitting Bader, beating Shogun and dominating Rampage?

Of course we read his game, we know he always bring some news, but I want to bring him some news too. It’s hard to say. I study his game, but I’ve never seen him with a problem my problem even because so far he wasn’t my opponent. Now he’s my opponent, it’s set in stone. From this moment on the study will reinforced, and the dedication too. I used to look at his qualities, analyzed them, but I was always focused in my fights, which was a duel with Couture, Rampage. He’s a lot versatile, but I believe a lot in my work and my style. I was practically born training, since I was four years old.

Are you 100% physically? Will you do your training camp in Belem?

I’m already 100%. I used to go to the United States for a different training camp, but I’ve canceled it all with the fight announcement. I’ll focus my camp here and I’ll look for sparring who can come here and will be tough as Jon Jones.

Many compare Jones to Anderson Silva, and Anderson is a friend of yours, you’ve trained together. Do you consider inviting him to help you out?

Of course, I listen a lot to what Anderson has to say, I analyze what he tells me, but I can charge him something because he’s highly committed. I get it. I have to do my part.

Source: Tatame