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Lil’ Nog wants a striker next in the UFC

Lil’ Nog wants a striker next in the UFC

January 9, 2012

Rogerio Nogueira is tired of fighting wrestlers. The Brazilian who debuted in the UFC knocking out the striker Luiz Cane had faced four wrestlers in a row, getting only two wins out of it. After a quick knockout over Tito Ortiz, Rogerio talked to TATAME and, indirectly, asked UFC for something. “Who knows they offer me a striker now, right? I’ve fought many wrestlers (laughs)”, jokes Rogerio, who talked about the importance of the triumph for his career in Ultimate, the game plan for his next bout and much more. Check it:

Are you back to the trainings already?

I came back on Monday. On the last few days I was resting, but I already was working out. Two weeks ago UFC people called me and thanked for the fight, I was really pleased. . I was really excited about it, really.  It was a great win, a big one. Now I gotta keep it up and try to focus again, get better and start a good phase.

You’ve only fought tough guys. Who might come next?

I don’t know who they will offer me. They haven’t talked about opponents, they only talked about possibilities so that they can match it up. They’ll match it up, so I’m waiting. We’re talking, something should come up on the next days.

How does it feel having knocked out again and this new victorious journey you have ahead of you now in the UFC?

First time, I fought Cane, I knocked him out. The second time, I fought Jason Brilz and it was not an easy fight, but it was the best of the night. The first one was the knockout of the night. Then I had two tough fights, they guys got really stuck, like Ryan Bader, and I guess I was wronged that time… He ran a lot, took me down but didn’t hit me. He was there, wasting time. Phil Davis did the same: ran, ran and didn’t hit me. There were two stucked bouts and I couldn’t show my skills. Now I came determined to win right on the beginning, knock him out. Let’s set a game plan like this one for the next bout so that I can guarantee the KO.

Is there somebody in particular you would like to fight against?

I don’t know… Who knows they offer me a striker now, right? I’ve fought many wrestlers (laughs). The first was against a striker and then I fought four wrestlers in a row.

Independently of whom you fight against, is the idea to go for it and try to get the KO to prevent it to go for the judges?

Yeah, I don’t wanna let it for the judges of the rules to decide. Sometimes the guy holds you, takes you down and wins the first round. They try to take you down once per round. So you can hit them for five minutes and still lose in case they take you down. You gotta really hit them because the takedowns really count. You gotta go forward, block the takedowns and keep punching.


Source: Tatame