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Jose Aldo Fight Banner for Charity available now on ebay

Jose Aldo Fight Banner for Charity available now on ebay

October 10, 2011

Nova Uniao Black Belt and current UFC Featherweight Champion of the WorldJose Aldo, is continuing his efforts to give back to his community. With the success of his previous auctions and the proceeds gathered from Nova Uniao merchandise sales, news mats and gi’s were able to be purchased for the students in the Nova Uniao Community Program. Now, with his latest win over Kenny Florian at the UFC 136, Aldo hopes to again raise funds that will further the development of the programs.

With the help of Nova Uniao USA President, Gustavo Dantas, who is responsible for the promotion of the program in the US and funds distribution to Brazil through his non-profit organization,Live Jiu-Jitsu, Aldo will be auctioning off two autographed items on eBay. One of these items include:

- Autographed Official UFC 136 Jose Aldo Fight Banner (4′x6′ Banner) - This banner IS the original, not a replica.

- Team Nova Uniao T-Shirt Autographed by Jose Aldo


100% of the proceeds will be donated to the Nova Uniao Community Programs in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where the funds can be used to purchase equipment, such as gis and mats. The Non-profit program is focused on teaching Jiu-Jitsu to underprivileged youths living in low-income housing developments situated on the hills of Rio de Janeiro. Referred to as “favelas”, life in these slums is hard and makes it very easy to fall into drugs, gangs, and violence. Through this program, aspiring fighters can take steps in the right path to begin their journey to follow in the footsteps of Aldo and be Champions of the future. Organized by Nova Uniao Co-Founder, Andre Pederneiras, the program is currently operated in several locations including: “Morro Azul” with classes taught by Black Belt, Fabiano “Babu” Freitas, and “Morro Santo Amaro” with classes taught by Bellator fighter and Black Belt, Marlon Sandro.

You can also take part in helping by purchasing Nova Uniao merchandise. 10% of each purchase will be donated to the Nova Uniao Community Program. To see the full line of Nova Uniao products, go to