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JDS parts ways with Ed Soares, Blackhouse

JDS parts ways with Ed Soares, Blackhouse

June 30, 2011

UFC heavyweight title contender Junior Dos Santos has parted ways with Ed Soares and signed with a new manager, Ana Claudia Guedes.

He announced the news personally today, but did not give a reason for the split. Soares spoke to Tatame in Brazil and said that Dos Santos had not given specific reasons for wanting to end their relationship, but hinted he had seen today’s break coming.

“It wasn’t a complete surprise to me. To be pretty honest, with everything we see in the fighting world, it’s hard to get caught by surprise. It wasn’t an argument or anything like that. It was all OK. If the guy doesn’t want to work with us, how can I force him to? It won’t be a good relationship,” he said.

“The work we did together was successful. We (managers) did what we were supposed to do, he did his job in the Octagon, and we had to put together a great team to help him to get there. Let’s see what happens now. I hope it all works out just fine for him.

“I’m sad, I’d be lying if I told you otherwise, but I don’t wish people bad things.”

Dos Santos’ new representative is an attorney who has long experience in the entertainment industry and specialises in contracts, intellectual property law, image rights and more. She describes her specialities as “All aspects of media, advertising, entertainment, and IP law. Contract negotiations, including structuring licensing and sponsorship deals, and resolution of breach of contract and other business disputes.”

Dos Santos earned a shot at the heavyweight title when he defeated Shane Carwin at UFC 131. As part of Black House he trained alongside Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira and there may have been tension between them, as both want the heavyweight title.

Recently Nogueira made the following comments, which could indicate he and Dos Santos didn’t see eye-to-eye all the time.

“I root so much for Cigano. The boy deserves the belt. We’re a team but I still intend to look for the title again. I received the green signal from the doctors so I had no reason to postpone my comeback,” he said.

Dos Santos recently said that in his opinion, returning to action in August was too soon for Nogueira, and that he should take longer to rest and prepare after his extensive surgeries.

“I have to disagree with Junior. I am a professional fighter and make my living fighting… doctors and my physical therapist gave me the guarantee that I can perform,” he said, referring to his recent hip surgeries.

Dos Santos has already disappeared from the roster of fighters at

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