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Glover Teixeira training for the “Pride Rampage”

Glover Teixeira training for the “Pride Rampage”

August 15, 2012

Glover Teixeira gave the fans a great show on his UFC debut smashing Kyle Kingsbury on the first round. Now he has a much harder challenge ahead of him. Tapped on the third edition of UFC Rio, scheduled for October 13th, when meets former champion Rampage Jackson, Chuck Liddell’s protégé hopes to repeat the good performance and keep impressing in the UFC. On an exclusive interview with TATAME, the fighter talked about the trainings on the United States side by side with Liddell and Lyoto Machida, analyzed the bad performances of Rampage and where he will be in the division in case he gets a win on the Wonderful City.

Check the complete interview below:

What are your expectations for your second UFC fight?

My expectation is great. I’m doing fine on trainings, thank God. I’m going to California next week. I’m sighted for this fight.

Do you believe your performance will be better than the one on your debut since you’re training on the US now?

Well, training on the States is both good and bad. The diet and supplementation here is much better but in Brazil we have more bodies to train with. The technology and preparation here are better. I didn’t train in Brazil this time because of my greencard. I ought to stay here. Last time I trained in Brazil but I gotta stay here this time. I brought Rafael Gaucho to train with me. Pedro (Rizzo) also says he’s coming, Raoni Barcello was here too, and Felipe Feitoza also.

You trained at Black House with Lyoto Machida and Chuck Liddell. How was it like?

I trained with Lyoto help him out for Ryan Bader. Probably Lyoto’s going to Brazil because he has to deal with some stuff in Belem, but he will be back in September and will help me for this fight too. Lyoto is a guy who helps me a lot because he’s a top athlete, a very tough guy and is good to train with him. Actually I was helping him, so now he’s going to tip me about Rampage. Chuck is that guy I mirror myself at a lot. I’ve learned a lot in Brazil, I can’t undermine Pedro Rizzo and the guys at Soul Fighters, but most things I learned I learned from Chuck. At Wrestling, Chuck really helped me. It was really good meeting him and training with him again.

Both Chuck and Lyoto fought Rampage. Will it be helpful for you?

More or less. We are three different fighters, so each one studies Rampage’s game looking at it from a different angle. I see Rampage in a way Chuck and Lyoto don’t see him. It doesn’t matter studying Rampage like Lyoto did. It’s a different fighting style. But of course they’ll tell me “oh, ge’s good at this and that”. Chuck fought him twice, so I’m sure he’s going to be helpful.

Rampage has recently put on below average performances, like when he confronted Jon Jones and Ryan Bader. Do you think he will come prepared this time?

Man, it’d be very unprofessional of me if I told you I’m hoping for a lazy Rampage. If he does so, that’s on him. I’m waiting for an 100% prepared Rampage. I’m training to fight old times Pride Rampage, I’m preparing for the fighter he were when he got into the UFC. I’m preparing for that. Now, how he’s coming out is up to him, but I believe he’s going to come 100 percent because it’s his last fight and he doesn’t want to look bad.

You got into the UFC with a good name, had a good debut and now are having a chance on the main card of UFC Rio against a former champion. How do you see yourself now?

I’m very happy to make this dream come true. He (Kyle Kingsbury) was a good opponent, fought many times in the UFC and I presented myself well. Now they gave me Rampage, who’s a well known guy and I have the chance to fight in Rio. It’s an honor to fight in front of those people. I’m glad. It only gives me more reasons to train hard.

How do you see yourself in the division in case you beat Rampage?

I’m training hard. I’m in the UFC and anything can happen. It isn’t easy to get there, so there are no easy opponents. I’m doing my best. Anything can happen if I defeat Rampage. They can match me up against a UFC veteran, a known guy or they can put me against a newcomer.

Who knows? Newcomers come hungry and strong.

Source: Tatame