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Glover Teixeira going for the knockout at UFC 146

Glover Teixeira going for the knockout at UFC 146

April 3, 2012

With his UFC debut scheduled for May 26, when fighting American Kyle Kingsbury, in Las Vegas, on the United States, Glover Teixeira had been through a hard time to get his chance on the biggest MMA event on the planet. The Brazilian was prevented, for a long time, to get into America due to some visa issues, and he compares the distressing moments to being in jail.

“Thank God everything worked out with my visa. I can’t even explain how free I feel right now. I was never locked up in my life, but it was like if I was and now I was freed and is wonderful this feeling of being able to work wherever I want to work. I had everything set for signing a UFC contract and it was preventing me from that”, commented.

For his debut at UFC 146, where Junior dos Santos defends his title for the first time against Alistair Overeem, on the main event, Glover is cool about the situation.

“There’s no mystery, I just gotta train like I’m used to and I guess I won’t feel the debut pressure, it’ll be just happiness. I’ll do everything in my power not to get injured and I’m sure I’ll get there at my best. The idea is to show aggressiveness and try to finish the fight on the first or second round”, said, confident.

Kyle Kingsbury is coming from a loss to Stephan Bonnar and has defeated the Brazilian Fabio Maldonado before. Glover seems to know a lot about him, but believes his Wrestling game is sharp enough.

“He’s very strong, I know about his knees and his good Wrestling, but it doesn’t surprise me much. I believe I can bring this win back home easily. Brazilians are great at Wrestling. Back in the days it was complicated, but now we’re even. Jose Aldo and Junior Cigano have high level Wrestling. The thing is not just training defensive Wrestling, but also offensive Wrestling too. Brazil is the best place to train at, the bodies here are impressive. You can find supplements and better technology in other places, but that’s all”, concluded.

Source: Tatame