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Galvão ready for anyone at ADCC

Galvão ready for anyone at ADCC

September 17, 2011

Andre Galvao almost got the ADCC title in 2009, but lost on the finale to Braulio Estima, but is fresh new for this year’s edition of the grappling tournament. On an interview given to TATAME, Galvao talked about his expectations for the championship, analyzed the division, with names like Pablo Popovitch, Paulo Filho, Rousimar Palhares and Romulo Barral, explained how Strikeforce stayed on his way on ADCC 2009 and promised to fight MMA again in the future, but not on Strikeforce.


How was the prep for this year’s ADCC? With whom did you train with?


I trained here at my gym in San Diego along with my training partners, Bruno Frazatto, Davi Ramos Ronaldo Candido and Denilson Bischiliari, who came from Brazil to help me out here, besides all my students, specially Joe Vanbrackle, who helped me on striking and showed me some efficient moves. Besides that, some of our friends came to help us at Wrestling, like coach Justin. He brought some wrestlers here to help us on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I guess it’ll help us a lot when the time comes. I’ve never been so prepared for ADCC before. Three times a week I train my cardio with Steve Nave, who’s been important as well. Now, it all depends on how I’m going to feel like when the day comes and of God’s will, because he’s the one who determine whether things come for us or now.


Who do you consider to be one of the toughest guys and what will you do to beat him up?


There’re many tough guys… There’s Popovitch, who one ADCC and were in many finals, he’s the most experienced guy on the division when it comes to ADCC. He fights ADCC since 2003. To me, he’s the toughest guy ever. There’s Barral, who’s also really good. There’s Palhares, who is really strong and fights very well with no gi. There’s Rafael Lovato, David Avelan and a bunch of names I can’t remember right now… There’ll only be tough guys this year. I’m ready to do four fights, I just wanna play Jiu-Jitsu as I’ve always does. I have nothing to lose, and that’s what I want in ADCC. I just want to leave there as the champion and with no injuries. ‘The horse is made ready for the day of battle, but victory rests with the Lord’ (pv 21, 31).


Your division has names like Lovato, Popovitch, Palhares, Barral, Sergio Mendes, Paulo Filho… Is there someone in particular you’d like to face?


There’s no one. What I really want is this title, independently of who I’m fighting against. What I’m going to do is fight them for ten minutes and move forwards the entire time.


Do you see yourself as the favorite?


There’s no favorite, many things might happen in there. No one knows what the future holds and you can’t predict who’ll win. No one knows if we’re all prepared like we should be. No one’s seen each others’ trainings. There’re many good athletes, many tough guys. I only know the one who dedicated himself a lot and deserve it will win.


What did you learn from ADCC 2009, when you almost got the title?


In 2009 I almost didn’t train for ADCC. If you stop to really look at it, for the way I fought on the qualifiers, when I should have trained a lot, I fought completely different in ADCC. I was fighting MMA, and Strikeforce wasn’t nice to me, since they scheduled and rescheduled my fights all the time. I was tired of waiting so much. I waited for nine months between one fight and the other, and they canceled a bout I was suppose to fight in on the same date of ADCC 2009, at the last minute. I haven’t trained anything when I got there, but I managed to fight until the finals and got a good result. This year it’ll be completely different.


What will you do differently this time?


I gotta go there hungy. I must do what I was supposed to do. Training is everything. I guess that’s it… Independently of the opponent, I want to fight and win.


What are your plans for the future? Will you focus on grappling now or will you return to MMA next?


I still want to fight MMA. Not because I got to, but because I like it. I’ll be dedicating myself to MMA and I’ll keep my grappling trainings forever, and with God’s help I’ll fight the big Jiu-Jitsu and Grappling championships. I don’t want to be completely disconnected from Jiu-Jitsu like I did when I started fighting MMA in 2008.

Source: Tatame