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Dos Anjos is ‘going for it’ in the UFC

Dos Anjos is ‘going for it’ in the UFC

June 19, 2012

Days after submitting Kamal Sharolus, Rafael dos Anjos took in another challenge in the UFC. He will face Anthony Njokuani on July 11th, day that is scheduled UFC on Fuel TV 4, and talked about it on an interview with TATAME TV.


“I’m 100 percent and I asked for another fight. I’m in great fighting rhythm and I want a good sequence of wins”, warns the lightweight, who is training for finishing the fight before it goes to the judges’ score card for decision. “I can’t change my game a lot. I’ll trade punches of course, it’s MMA. I’ll take the best chance I get… Submission or knockout, I’m going for it”.


Check below the exclusive chat with the tough guy who talked about the “absolute training” he does on the United States, along with Lyoto Machida, Fabricio Werdum and Mark Munoz, among others, at Black House and Kings MMA, and the dream of a title shot in the UFC: “I know I can get make it”.


You already have been slated in the UFC. You are coming from a win. What the plan? Get a good sequence of results?


Thank God everything went right last time and I submitted him in less than two minutes at round one and I didn’t get injured. I’m fine and I asked UFC for another fight because I’m planning a couple more fights this year. Paul Taylor got injured and they called me in. I’m already prepared and I just gotta keep training until July 11th, when I fight Anthony Njokuani and that’s it. I want a good sequence of wins.


Anthony is a striker. What is your game plan coming into this fight?


I can’t change my game a lot. I’ll trade punches of course, but I’ll take him down if I can. Let’s see. I’m gonna bring him into my game, I’ll move a lot, work mu Boxing and Muay Thai skills because he knows I’m a BJJ black belt, so I want to surprise him. I’ll strike, it’s MMA. I’ll take the best chance I get.


For how long are you in the United States?


I’m here since February, I’m teaching here at Black House and Kings MMA too. I’m training with Mark Munoz and training hard since February. I’m training with great guys here. (Roberto) Gordo is coming here. He came here last time and it was very important. My lifelong friends, since the time we trained at Caveirinha, like Furao, Felipe de la Monica are here to help me out. It’s perfect.


Today there’s Werdum, Lyoto, Ta Danado, Pe de Chumbo… Only great training partners.


Absolutely. I’m fighting on an open weight class with these heavy guys. I’m heavier now, so it’s good.


You were doing great until you fought Clay Guida and got injured. Now you are coming from a victory. How do you see yourself in this weight division?


I was coming from 3-win streak until I got seriously injured fighting Clay Guida and then I won on my comeback and lost on a split decision to Tibau. Now I got this win, so I just have to make little adjustments. God’s been blessing me, so I gotta take the leap.


Many people bets on you to become a top contender at the title on a division Brazil has only fought or the title once. Is that a dream of yours?


I’m very happy people believe in me and I believe in me too. I know I can make it. My family’s been really supportive. I’m here with my wife and two kids and they really believe in me. I don’t fight for me, I fight for them. Thank you guys for believing in me. I’ll do my best to prove you right because I also believe in myself.


Are you going for the finish?


Submission or knockout, I’m going for it. I want this win. God’s been good to me and I want a quick win.

Source: Tatame