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Diego Nunes: ‘I like fighting imposing guys’

Diego Nunes: ‘I like fighting imposing guys’

September 4, 2012

Back to X-Gym, where train names like Anderson Silva, Jacare Souza, Rafael Feijao and Erick Silva, among others, Diego Nunes also wants to shine. With two losses in three fights, the featherweight desperately needs a win over Bart Palaszewski at UFC on FX 5, on October 5th, to be back in the game. “Palaszewski is a great fighter, a striker who comes for it and doesn’t hold back… I like fighting imposing guys”, warns on an exclusive interview with TATAME.

How are the trainings so far?

They’re good. I’m well adapt to the work we’ve been doing at X-Gym with Josuel Distak, Rogerio Camoes, Sylvio Behring, Amaury Bitteti and my Boxing coach Cesario Bezerra. I can only say it’s been adding a lot to my game and I’ve been renewing my strength and expectations. I can’t say much, but you will get results.

The fact you’re back at X-Gym will be reflected on your performance on this fight?

When I came here again I felt good, because I could only remember the time I’ve been here. It was when I first came to Rio to train in a big team and I know each step of the way, each corner, each room. I’m very comfy in there. Actually, I’m feeling renewed with all this work we’ve been doing at X-Gym.

What do you hope to change by training at X-Gym, in Rio?

It’s all a matter of adjustment to your workplace, training partners and understanding the professionals who are leading the work. So everything is fine and it’s a great place to be at. I’m feeling very comfortable and totally capable of delivering a good fight to the professional and coaches that are demanding so much of me. I’m there just to serve, obey and first of all help.

What are your thoughts on Palaszewski? He debuted in the division with a great win over Tyson Griffin but has been defeated by Hatsu Hioki…

I guess he is a great fighter, a striker who comes for it and doesn’t hold back and that’s perfect. It was a great fight of his against Tyson and against Hioki, the Japanese just blocked him and it would be a perfect fight for me. I always want to fight the bests and the toughest guys there are until I reach the top, so that I have a good story to tell when I get there, maybe a rough path, a hard journey for the little I had all this time.

He plays it a little loose. Do you believe it will be easier for you that way?

I like fighting imposing guys because it’s easier for me to set a game plan during the preparation. I like fighting MMA and not just Muay Thai and I needed a little of that in my fights. I know my mistakes and I have to explore more all the areas I’m also good at, like grappling, the takedowns followed by submissions. I’m a MMA fighter, so let’s punch, kick, take down and submit like we’ve been demanded lately.

Where will you be in the division in case you beat him up?

Just where I deserve to be at, where I always deserved to be: among the bests in this division. Not only be the seventh or eighth in the division on specialized rakings, but to me among the top guys, reach the top and do it every time to be the best in what I do because it’s all about Lord’s glory. My story’s been written by God’s fingers and it all happens in His time and not mine because I only know the future.

Do you want to send a message?

I want to thank our physiotherapist Jaqueline Figueiredo and everyone who works at the clinic with X-Gym athletes because it would be very hard and painful if it weren’t for you guys. They really take good care of us.

By Guilherme Cruz | Photo by UFC

Source: Tatame