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Camões first win in the UFC, wants to fight ASAP

Camões first win in the UFC, wants to fight ASAP

January 23, 2012

Fabrício “Morango” Camoes was called at the last minute for another shot in the UFC, and he grabbed it. Even with his opponent replaced, it never intimidated the BJJ black belt of Royler Gracie, who used the gentle art to beat the so far undefeated Tom Hayden yet on the first round, with a rear naked choke. Back to San Diego, city in the United States where he lives, Fabricio talked to TATAME and analyzed his triumph, revealing his game plan was not to take it to the ground, explained why he couldn’t make it to the weight-in, talked about the extra motivation as he saw the Brazilian party at UFC Rio and, among other subjects, his wish to return to the octagon as soon as he can.


What are your thoughts about the fight?

I was prepared for another opponent, Reza Madadi, and they replaced him for a tough and undefeated guy with most of his wins vis submission, but thank God Jiu-Jitsu spoke for itself… I could honor the coral belt of my master (Royler Gracie).

Was that the game plan all along?

Actually, I trained for a stand-up fight, but they’ve replaces a right-handed wrestler for a left-handed who’s faster and lighter… When we started striking, I felt I was heavier than him and I decided to activate my ground game. Everybody was worries about his ground game, but I’m a black belt graduated by Royler and it’s hard to surprise me on the floor.

Have you consider declining it because it was a last call fight?

I was called at the last minute to replace Rafaello Oliveira (Trator), my opponent was also replaced, so I couldn’t decline it. Since I left UFC I’ve worked to come back and I got that chance sooner than I thought, but I was trained.

You needed an extra time to cut weight. Was it because they called you at the last minute?

I was doing fine, cutting weight… They called me like 20 days before and I was really heavy, like 185lbs, and it was right before Christmas and New Year’s Eve (laughs), but I always do sauna on the day of the weight-in and the previous day, but this time I couldn’t do it because it was too far from the hotel, so I tried to cut weight at the gym, but I couldn’t lose 1,1lbs. They gave me two hours for the sauna, and then I cut it there.

How does it feel winning in the UFC for the first time after a defeat and a draw?

It was a relief and the achievement of a long-term work I’ve been doing for years to be in there and winning… I can’t describe. It seems like I’m living in a dream since UFC called me to come back. I’m glad to win, especially the way it happened. I was the only Brazilian on the card and that made it a bigger responsibility for me, but I got the win for me and for Brazil.

Did you feel the responsibility for being the only Brazilian?

One week before I saw Jose Alto at UFC Rio and the excitement of the fans with his win, and that cheered me up even more. I put much responsibility on this comeback, even though they called me with 20 days in advance. I haven’t stopped training for a second since I left UFC and I had to win to stay here. The only outcome I was interested in was the win. Thank God it worked out and I wanna thank everyone who cheered for me and thank my sponsors.

There were many submissions that night and you didn’t get the bonus. That was the only thing that could make it even more perfect, right?

Yeah… We watched the last fights, but, to be honest, I’d give the bonus to Josh Neer, for his guillotine choke. I thought that, if I was losing it, it was for him. But, independently of that, the win is the reward I was hoping for. If I have the chance to knockout or submit on the next event, I will.

Will you take some vacations now?

Not at all, work never stops! I’m motivated to train, I want to be at the gym by tomorrow. I’ll tell Joe Silva and Dana White they can’t leave me at the shelf because I’m thirsty. I’m ready to fight anyone, anytime.

What comes next?

Now I’ll watch my friend’s fights in the UFC on February 15th, Bernardo Trekko. We’ve started together at Gracie Tijuca. I’ve pulled together an army back then. There was Jorge Britto, Leopolso Seao, Rodrigo Smurf, Trekko… There was a big team we had. Since I came to the United States they started to get scattered, but Trekko went to Australia and built a great recod there.


Source: Tatame