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Big Nog “wasn’t thinking” on first loss “I gotta keep moving”

Big Nog “wasn’t thinking” on first loss “I gotta keep moving”

December 4, 2011

After fighting Frank Mir, on December of 2008, Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira had four losses in his career, all by points. The American was the first one to give the bitter taste of a loss by technical knockout to the Brazilian, who, on December 10th, at UFC 140, will have a chance of revenge, in Canadian lands. On an interview to TATAME, the heavyweight talked about the expectations for the rematch, betted on Rogerio Nogueira against Tito Ortiz and also comment on the lessons learned from the bout that happened three years ago.

Frank Mir was the first one to beat you by TKO, in 2008. Do you want revenge?

It’s a rematch I’ve always wanted. I’m please to fight him again. I’ll do my best. I’m better conditioned, I’ve gone through my surgeries, so I’m no longer injured. I’ll represent the best way I can. I’m well trained, I did an excellent training camp and what I want is to win.

You fought Brendan Schaubn in Rio, after a long time off the octagon, when you’ve been though surgeries, but you knocked him out. Do you believe the pressure ain’t that big now?

It was indeed a little extra pressure, it was a comeback. I’ll use the training camp of that fight and the qualities I’ve earned for this one. My striking has improved, I’m well arranged as to my physical trainings with (Claudio) Pavanelli, who’s the fitness trainer of Flamengo (soccer team), he’s got a great level. I got great guys with me. My coaches, De La Riva at Jiu-Jitsu, (Amaury) Bitetti, my Wrestling coach, who’s always bringing Americans with great Wrestling level to train with me and it’s helped me a lot. So I’ve improved my Wrestling too.

What lessons have you learned from you fight with Frank Mir, in 2008, that you can use on this rematch?

I guess that, in 2008, I was a little emotive. I wasn’t thinking, I didn’t move a lot. I gotta keep moving around Frank Mir. He’s agile, despite getting tired. So I gotta keep moving all the time and try to pressure him more.

The fact your brother, Rogerio, is fighting on the same day ain’t any news. But does it change something?

t motivates me a lot because Rogerio is one of my greatest training partners. I’m one of his greatest sparrings too. It helps us. I guess this one helping the other thing is very stimulating. It’s a little tiring to watch Rogerio fighting and then fight, but it helps more than it disturbs me.

How do you see Rogerio vs. Tito Ortiz?

Rogerio is better on striking and he’s good enough to defend the takedowns of Tito Ortiz. I guess Rogerio is better on the ground, and that he has an advantage on the stand-up. Rogerio is an experienced Boxing athlete and I believe he can knock him out.

How is he dealing with the pressure of having to win, since he’s coming from two losses?

It’s a normal pressure for UFC: you gotta keep your losses to the minimum. But I guess he’s handling it quite well. Tito Ortiz is on the same position he is, and I believe on Rogerio’s experience on striking to get the knockout.

Source: Tatame