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Andre Galvao talks about his perfect performance on ADCC

Andre Galvao talks about his perfect performance on ADCC

September 28, 2011

Andre Galvao put on a great show at ADCC. Champion on his weight class and on the absolute dispute, stopping Rousimar “Toquinho” Palhares and submitting Pablo Popovitch on the finals, the BJJ black belt leaves the city of Nottingham, England, as the big star of the competitions, but he doesn’t leave until talking exclusively with TATAME TV.


On the interview, which you check below, Galvao analyzed his journey at ADCC, the finals against the tough Palhares and Popovitch, his trainings in San Diego, California, his MMA career and the super fight of ADCC 2013, when he’ll fight Braulio Estima, who this year overcame Ronaldo Jacare, Galvao’s friend.


Braulio himself appeared by surprise during the interview and was challenged by Galvao, but it was all a joke. “It was honor that I did (winning weight and absolute), but we’ll throw down many coups (laughs)”, shoot Galvao. “It’ll demand much strength… But I’ll have to be a lot prepared because he’s flying (laughs)”, responded Braulio, laughing a lot.


You have almost gotten titles in the past and now you got two on the same day. How does it feel?


I’ve been getting close to it since 2007. In 2007 I got the third place both on weight and absolute disputes, in 2009 I was defeated by Braulio on the finals, but I wasn’t really in my best shape back in 2009, I wasn’t focused nor training with no gi, I was focusing in MMA. But this year I came here, trained for like eight, nine weeks with my student, who used to be a brown belt, but I recently graduated him a black belt. He’s my first American black belt student. He before was Marcelo Garcia’s student, he trained with Renzo Gracie for a long time, he know a lot of Wrestling and Jiu-Jitsu and I was talking to God and I was saying I needed someone to train with for this ADCC… It happened when I was at my gym, and I thought about Joe, this student of mine. I asked him to help me and he started helping me and now I see the no gi fight in a very different way I used to. He taught me many things and absolutely it changed much.


How did it feel to win both weight and absolute titles? Did you hope to achieve that beforehand?


Man, I was traingin to become the champion of my weight division. I told my wife I was going to win the absolute too (laughs), but actually I didn’t really believe it because I’m coming back and this competition was really a statement that when I’m well trained and focused, I’m another fighter. I decided to fight MMA and it didn’t really work out, but I can still do it, I think about it, it’s something I really like doing. But since I have my gym in San Diego, I decided to focus on a tournament to motivate my students too. I got here and only to come here to England was hard enough because I’ve been deported before, on the beginning of 2010. Now they gave me a visa to I could stay until the 27th, which happens to be my birthday, and many good things happen to me around my birthday (laughs). Now i got this gift by God and got weight and absolute titles in ADCC, something that is really hard to be done, it’s not everyone who can do it. All athletes come here ready to go and I did my best and thanks God everything worked out just fine.


You fought two hard finals, and you overcame Palhares and Popovitch. What are your thoughts about these fights that lead you to the championship?


Well, Palhares had been submitting everyone with that key-lock of his. He always does it and he always gets it right. He’s a dangerous guy, a submitter. He takes you down, get you on that position and finishes you. When I was going to fight him on the finals, I realized he does not have the same background I do in Jiu-Jitsu competitions, I had that in mind. Of course I knew he could really go for it on the beginning and attack me, but I knew he’d get tired before I would because I was in a great shape.


Against Pablo Popovitch, I had trained with him before. ADCC guys came to us and told us: ‘you’ll have to fight it out, it doesn’t matter if you’re friends with each other’. And we told them ‘no, it’ll be a war, man (laughs)’. Pablo is a warrior, I know he trains a lot, and you can tell it only by looking at his shape. He’s a very dedicated guy, I knew it wouldn’t be easy. I fought him on the semifinals of my weight division. And there’s one thing I always say: the champion fortune. He did a 30-minuite bout with Xande on the semifinals and I knew he’d be tired by the time we fought the finale. I said: ‘the one who can, cries less. Let’s do it’. So I tried to impose my game since the beginning. On the ten first minutes I decided to go for it and if it didn’t work out I would make him tired and start scoring some points. And so I did. Everything worked out and I was really glad. I only asked God to put a smile in my face while I fought, keep me motivated and that’s what happened.


Send a message to your fans, if you please…


Thank you guy from TATAME, thanks Brazilian people, my students, my wife, my daughter, God, Jesus… I really want to thank you.

Source: Tatame