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Anderson Silva: ‘I always played clean, never a cheater’

Anderson Silva: ‘I always played clean, never a cheater’

February 20, 2015

Despite additional failed drug tests, former UFC middleweight champion and all-time MMA greatAnderson Silva isn’t wavering from his stance that he’s a clean fighter.

The fighter, who’s been under fire following a drug-testing fiasco surrounding his fight this past month at UFC 183, today released a statement and claimed he’s always fought “clean” and “was never a cheater.”

Silva (34-6 MMA, 17-2 UFC) lost his title to Chris Weidman in mid-2013 and then snapped his legand lost a rematch in late 2013. The 39-year-old Brazilian then nursed his broken leg back to health and made his return on Jan. 31, when he defeated former Strikeforce welterweight champion Nick Diaz (26-10 MMA, 7-7 UFC) via unanimous decision in UFC 183’s pay-per-view headliner.

However, as previously reported, Silva failed a Jan. 9 out-of-competition urine test, which came back positive for a pair of steroids (the results didn’t come back until after the event, so Silva was allowed to fight). He then passed urine and blood tests administered on Jan. 19, but he failed a urine test on fight night. Silva tested positive for a pair of benzodiazepines, oxazepam and temazepam, and was again found with drostanolone metabolites in his system.

In his statement posted on Instagram, Silva said claimed his innocence.

“I never used any substances to better my performance in my fights,” he wrote. “I love what I do and I would never risk what I took so long to build.”

Full Statement:

IN RESPECT TO MY FANS I will not say anything about who I am or what I went through to get here. What matters to me now is the respect from those who have followed my career. I bled, struggled and fought because I love it and because I always wanted to honor the flag of the country I love so much. I don’t know what to apologize for, because I am still waiting for the results and analysis from the specialists that are working to reveal the truth. Everything that I took since my injury are being analyzed. I look for the truth as much as all those who were surprised with the results. I always played clean, I was never a cheater. In eighteen years of my career, I never had a problem with exams. In and out of the Octagon I never slipped in compliance with the principles that always guided me. With much honor and dignity I defended my country where ever I fought. I never used any substances to better my performance in my fights. I love what I do and I would never risk what I took so long to build. I think that the hurry some people have to condemn me is unfair. The time it takes to destroy a reputation is infinitely less than that is taken to build it. I am the one who is most eager to settle this situation. I want those who have always supported me to know that I am still fighting for all the sad happenings of this situation to be cleared.

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The Nevada State Athletic Commission temporarily suspended Silva earlier this week pending a formal hearing, which is likely to take place in March or April.

Although the steroids found in his system are banned substances, oxazepam and temazepam aren’t. However, an NSAC official told MMAjunkie Silva didn’t disclose the anti-anxiety and insomnia medication on his pre-fight medical questionnaire. The paperwork can be used against a fighter if a substance that has not previously been approved by the commission — or is banned by WADA — is found in their urine or blood.

“Silva failed to disclose his use of one or more anabolic steroids and or one or more benzodiazepines, and thereby he provided false or misleading information to the commission or a representative of the commission,” an NSAC complaint, which MMAjunkie obtained, against Silva stated.

Perhaps in part due to Silva’s failures, the UFC announced a massive drug-testing initiative earlier this week that goes into effect July 1.

Source: MMAJunkie