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Aldo open to fight Edgar: “If he moves down, no problem”

Aldo open to fight Edgar: “If he moves down, no problem”

October 15, 2011

Jose Aldo successfully defended the featherweight title at UFC 136, in Texas, United States, and took some time on his trip to New York to talk to TATAME. On the chat, which you can read below, the champion talked about the game plan used against Kenny Florian, said he hoped to fight even tougher opponents in UFC and, among other subjects, said he’d like to fight Frankie Edgar, current lightweight champion. Check it:

What are your thoughts about the fight? Did everything go like your plans?

Everything went just fine. We trained, we set a game plan and it worked out. We went there and did a good fight. The important thing is: we did a good job, the way Andre (Pederneiras) planned us to do.

You showed a more strategic side of you inside the octagon. Knowing Kenny Florian would try to get you against the fence, was it the game plan you had before entering the cage?

Yeah, we had to work based on what we could tell from the outside. I trained a lot, I was a lot focused and I wanted it pretty bad. I wanted to play my game, but due to the fact Kenny is a strategic guy, who fights well and takes his time to find your flaws, waiting for me to make a mistake, I had to play carefully, punch him when the time was right. Andre was always talking to me about it, saying that if he hit me, I couldn’t lose it. With that in mind, I tried to use the game plan set because I knew I’d be screwed if I made any mistake.

The first round was the only one on which Kenny Florian could play his game, and it was the round you kicked him the most. Did you stop kicking him that much so you didn’t give him any space to catch you?

Yeah, man… I wanted to kick him more. When it started, I kicked him a few times, but then, when I dodged, he went to grab my legs. From then on, I knew I had to play on his mistakes, take my time so I wouldn’t make any mistakes as well. I wanted to kick him and punched him more, to do much more than I did. But it’s ok… I did a good fight and, thanks’ God, it worked out.

Do you believe your opponents will try to block your game like he did?

I’m the champion, so I’m a target. Everybody watches you, studies you. Next time I’ll play it mor at ease and it’ll be better.

Who do you believe it’s the one on the line for your title? Will it be Chad Mendes?

I don’t know about it. I didn’t want to talk to Andre nor anybody else. Now I’m just taking some vacancies, so I’m not worried about that. I’m spending a few days on the United States. Then I’ll go back to Brazil, I’ll return to the trainings and, in the future, I’ll think about it, but I haven’t thought it through. I’ll fight whoever they tell me to.

Where are you spending your vacations at?

New York.

What a good life, huh?

Oh yeah (laughs). I worked pretty hard for three months, so I took some time off to stay here. Another week and I’ll be back to Brazil, to my normal life.

On the press conference after the fight, Dana White said he wants to see Frankie Edgar, lightweight champion, dropping to the featherweight and fighting you. How would it be Aldo vs. Edgar?

Man, I think it’s great. Frankie is the lightweight champion, so, if he moves down, no problem. Just like Kenny did and others are doing… To me it’s ok. I’ll always fight the guys they point out for me to fight.

Do you consider going the other way around, moving up, or this thing about you having difficulties to cut weight is bullshit?

Move up is bullshit. If someone’s deciding it someday, it’s Pederneiras.

Source: Tatame