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Aldo: Florian & Mendes aren’t his last challenges at 145

Aldo: Florian & Mendes aren’t his last challenges at 145

August 17, 2011

UFC featherweight champion, Jose Aldo was one of the guests of Brazil Sports Show, a sports fair that happened last weekend, in Sao Paulo. After ministering a workshop and participating on a chat about the modality, Aldo talked to our friends from Yahoo!’s Casca-Grossa, and commented about the recent decision not to talk much with the press or giving much details about his next title defense, against the American Kenny Florian, in UFC 136 (October 8th). Check it:

It was said you might not talk with the press until your fight with Florian. Do you think it can be a bad thing to get too exposed by the media?

What happened is that Andre (Pederneiras) doesn’t want me to leave the gym to travel and all those things. People must understand that being a professional fighter is a real job, like any other. And people can’t take a day off frequently. I have to be here every day, from 9am ‘till 9pm, besides the weekends.

But any journalist that want to schedule and go there for a story (at Nova Uniao gym, where Aldo trains), I’ll be glad to host them. I guess it’s great the space fighters have conquered on the press lately. It’s a big thing for the sport. I’m just forbidden to stay away from home and my daily routine of trainings. I came here today (in Sao Paulo) because I said I’d come a long time ago.

And the trainings for the fight against Florian, what are they focused in?

Me and my team have already started to study his fights. He’s a really experienced guy, who has fought in many weight classes. We’ve started studying the best offense and defense coups, and that’s it for now. It’s another important fight in my career.

Now you’ll fight Florian and Chad Mendes is already on the line for a chance at the belt. In case you beat them up, do you believe you’ve cleaned the division up?

Both athletes are high level challenges. I don’t believe they’re the last challengers I’ll have. Featherweight division is one of the most complicated and tough classes in UFC. Every day there’re new great fighters. I don’t know where these guys come from (laughs).

Talking about challenges, the bout against Mark Hominick (UFC 129) seems to be demanded much of you in terms of cuts and other factors. Were you careless?

I had some trouble making the right weight, but that’s not that unusual. I had a feet infection due to a cut, that was the problem. One thing led to another, and I was really damaged. There were many things involved, it was my UFC debut, and I can’t lose focus. It was a fantastic fight, a perfect debut on the organization.

This feet issue made you change your game plan and surprise him with those takedowns and bringing a new tactic. Can we hope more surprises when you fight Florian?

It did affected, but the new game plan was already scheduled so I could block his (Hominick’s) game. A good fighter always brings a surprise element with him, you have to adapt and be able to improvise always. I can only tell you there’s more coming. The fight against Florian will be a lot less traumatic in many aspects. I know how it’s like fighting in Ultimate, and I want more.

Source: Tatame