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Aldo: “I prepared myself to go for a sub or the knockout”

Aldo: “I prepared myself to go for a sub or the knockout”

October 3, 2011

UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo talked exclusively to TATAME one day before heading to the United States, where he’ll defend his belt against Kenny Florian, on November 8th. On the interview that you can check below Junior seemed to be a lot confident of a win and guaranteed he’ll do everything in his power so that his fans don’t suffer with a five-round bout, didn’t seem to be afraid of Florian’s reach and guaranteed to go for it. The tough guy also commented on the American’s strong points and how to neutralize them, among many other subjects.

How was the preparation for another title defense, now against Kenny Florian?

All three months of trainings were great, this is how long we take to get ready for a fight and I’m feeling fine thanks’ God and now I’ll just get there and do what I trained for. I always try to keep training, I let go my nights out or parties, because that’s my life, nobody tells me to do it, I chose this lige and I try to be professional.

But at some point you need to relax, take it easy…

The most I do is go to the movies, but then I’m at home at midnight. I also like playing videogame, and when i get home I go and play soccer, I love Pro Evolution. Another thing I also like doing it go to Flamengo’s matches, which is something I really love doing, so these are my hobbies. I don’t drink, I don’t smoke, and these are my only ways of having fun.

Kenny Florian has a greater reach than you and are taller than your previous opponent, Hominick. Does that worry you?

Actually, Hominick is shorter than Florian, but he has a larger reach, so I’m used to it. I fought Jonathan Brookins, who’s a guy bigger than both of them and he was a lefty, so it’s almost the same game. My tallest training partners, like Leo Santos and (Luis) Cane try to play it like Kenny does. I also brought an Olympic boxer from Salvador to train with me, Davi. Diego Nunes fought Florian and he told me some things I should know, he said he’s a too calm guy, experienced and he also told me he waits for the right time.

Do you believe a good way to minimize this reach gap is to hit him with low kicks?

Absolutely. I’ll kick him in the leg, and we’ll start going up so when it truly gets him, you know what happens, right? (laughs).

Nova Uniao black belt, BJ Penn found in Jiu-Jitsu a way to defeat Florian, submitting him with a rear naked choke. Do you believe you’ll get the advantage in case you take him down?

I belçieve so. In my point of view, my Jiu-Jitsu is enough to put up Kenny and maybe get something from it. He’s very good when he’s on top, but when he has his back against the floor he doesn’t do anything, he just hits you with his elbows and keeps his guard closed. When he opens it, his opponents get an advantage. I trained a lot and I’m sharp in all situations it can go. It doesn’t matter if he wants to bang, I’ll do it. If he wants to fight on the ground, it’s ok by me. I’ll get there and go for it.

Where do you think he’s dangerous at?

He has a big experience and I can’t underestimate his elbows, because it’s something he uses a lot and he’s good at it, besides kicking hard, he owns a powerful high kick. I gotta stay tuned to these tricks, but I’m sure I’ll block them.

Do you think he’ll try to stand and bang against you?

All fights start with both athletes standing, but honestly I don’t believe he’ll want to bang with me, he won’t risk it. He’s a guy who doesn’t take risks, you can notice it on his fights and you’ll realize he didn’t start trading punches with anyone from the beginning, he always tries to get away from it with a jab or a punch and then grab you and take you into his game.

Have you ‘honores’ your last opponent, Mark Hominick? (Aldo has skulls tattooed representing some of his opponents on his shoulder)

I didn’t honor him (laughs). That’s a privilege for those who has been knocked out by me, and since I defeated him by points I didn’t honor him. It’s only for those I’ve knocked out. I did an excellent fight against him, but I couldn’t knock him out.

UFC has plans of promoting an event in Manaus, your hometown. After being left off UFC Rio card, you can’t miss this opportunity…

I was left off Rio, where I live and I don’t want to be left off another party. If it really happens in Manaus, me as a native man, can’t be left off, I got to be in it, and you can be sure I’ll break all records in there.

Your coach, Andre Pederneiras, told you not to give interviews and focus on your trainings. In what way this media black-out helped you get focused for this fight?

It helped me a lot, I was only focused on my trainings. My coach realized that too much interviews were making me unfocused… I had to go to many events, travel to São Paulo and other states and my life was a mess. That’s why Andre told me not to do it, so I remained focused.

So you weren’t ostentatious, like it happens to champions some times?

I know it happens, but not with me. I only did it to focus on my job, and when the fight is over I’ll go there and give interview, I don’t have any problems with that, I even like it. It was just a Professional matter. I backed off to train more, to just have that thought in mind and defend my belt successfully.

You root for Flamengo, as we all know, but how is your professional relationship with the team? Will you be sponsored by it or not?

I’m a fanatic fan and it won’t chance. But this sponsorship is something we’re working on, I have a person working on it and we hope to reach an agreement, but it hasn’t happened yet, but who knows?

What can your fans hope of you on this title fight? Will you make them suffer with another 5-round bout?

I hope not (laughs). I prepared myself to go for a submission or the knockout and really go forward, to attack a lot. But in case I can’t finish it before the regular time is over, I’ll fight for five rounds and I’ll do my best not to make them suffer. My affection to all my fans who root for me. You can be sure Jose Aldo is going for it.

Source: Tatame