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153: Anderson Silva breaks down after Nogueira win

153: Anderson Silva breaks down after Nogueira win

October 18, 2012

Saturday’s UFC 153 was yet another historic event in Brazil for the UFC.

All 12 fights on the card featured Brazilians, and Brazilians won nine of the 12 fights at HSBC Arena in Rio de Janeiro.

But the pay-per-view seemed to save the best for last, of course, with national heroes Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira and Anderson Silva fight in the co-main and main events, respectively.

Before Silva could go on to meet Stephan Bonnar in a light heavyweight fight in the main event, he had to wait in the back to watch longtime friend and teammate “Big Nog” against Dave Herman.

Nogueira, fighting for the first time since breaking his arm this past December against Frank Mir, had much on the line against Herman. Herman came in doubting Nogueira’s Brazilian jiu-jitsu pedigree. To get a win would be of huge importance for “Nog,” but to get a win by submission would be nothing short of poetry.

So when Nogueira got hold of Herman’s arm and forced him to tap, it was a celebration for not just Nogueira, but for his entire team, including Silva.

Take a look at this behind-the-scenes video from the UFC showing Nogueira’s teammates and Silva’s locker room erupting in joy upon Nogueira’s win – including Silva, who was so overcome with emotion just minutes before walking out for his own fight that he broke down in tears.

Source: MMAJunkie