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About Us

About Us

// Black House Mission

“Can you imagine what I would do if I could do all I can?”  -Sun Tzu

A home away from home for members of the Tough Media family, Black House is not your average training facility. More than a group of fighters, Black House is a private facility where the Tough Media family can converge and train. The individuals that make up the Tough Media family have their own teams, but Black House provides a place for those teams to meet when in Los Angeles. Black House is more than a team, more than a gym – Black House is a place where the Tough Media family can unite.

// Tough Media Mission

Representing a family of elite athletes, Tough Media was founded to create a symbiotic relationship between its fighters and the brands and organizations they represent. By attempting to raise the notoriety of their fighters, Tough Media strives to speed the growth of the sport and the culture that surrounds it. The goal is a simple one: to elevate these individuals to a level of recognition that credits them for being exactly what they are: some of the most elite and gifted athletes in the world. Tough Media is passionate about mixed martial arts and its growth as a highly-regarded sport, and continues to do its part, not just as management, but as ambassadors.

// Testimonial

Tough Media has given us the opportunity here at ATM Network to put our name out onto a whole new level of advertising with their MMA fighters. Customers call in and start the conversation off with, “Hey I saw ATM Network last night on Spike TV, you guys were on Anderson Silva’s shorts…” Does it get any better than that?

Phil Rock – President and CEO of ATM Network

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